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Hardwood Floor Cleaning


Charleston Hardwood Floor Refinishing provides our customers with excellent customer service and skilled flooring contractors.

Clients often ask, "When do I need my wood floors refinished, and when should I have my hardwood floors cleaned and recoated?"

The answer is easy. If your floor has deep scratches, dents, discoloration, or clouding, they need to be refinished. If your hardwood floor looks dull or has light scratches on the surface of the finish, then they need to be cleaned and recoated.

If the scratches on your floor look clear, they will most likely be removed with a professional hardwood floor cleaning. If they are lighter than the rest of the wood floor, then the scratches are most likely in the wood. If the scratches are black, they are old, and the scratch is filled with dirt and dust, which means the floor needs to be refinished.

Cloudy floors caused by Murphy's Oil, Mop and Glo, etc. can't be cleaned off. Unfortunately, they damage the finish and require a full refinishing.

Cleaning and recoating hardwood floors is also sometimes called a "buff and coat", or a "clean and recoat". Either way, the process is the same. We:

  • Gently abrade (scratch up) the very top layer of your finish by lightly sanding it.
  • Clean up every last speck of dust from the floor.
  • Lay down a fresh coat of finish.
  • Let it dry.

The result is a clean and refreshed hardwood floor. Having your hardwood floors professionally cleaned prolongs the lifespan of your floor. It puts down an extra layer of finish to help protect your wood floors. It lengthens the time you need between refinishing, and it can help reduce the need for costly hardwood floor repair.  Clean and recoats, buff and coats (and sometimes it's even called screen and coat) are recommended every couple of years. It is an affordable option for getting the longest life out of your wood floors.

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Keep Your Hardwood Floors Beautiful and Strong for Longer

The Charleston Village area of Charleston showcases many properties with hardwood floors that are standing the test of time. The College of Charleston's Randolph Hall, built in 1828, features wood flooring, that with careful cleaning and maintenance have lasted for almost 200 years. The Wentworth Mansion, with its beautiful parquet floors, has been preserved (and restored) since the 1880s.

Cleaning and recoating your floors extend floor life and refresh your floors. It reduces signs of wear, tear, age, and makes your floors look beautiful.

Recoating wood floors involves adding a protective sealant (finish) that protects your hardwood floor. It helps reduce dust and strengthens the finish surface. It helps prevent damages in the future, and it can save you a fortune on repairs and refinishing down the line.

Improve Air Quality

Professional cleaning of your hardwood floors removes dirt and dust buildup. It helps prevent allergens from sticking around. Plus, clean wood floors feel smoother, making your property feel more comfortable.

Why Should You Get Your Hardwood Floors Professionally Cleaned and Recoated?

  • It extends the life of your floor.
  • It protects your floors from wear and tear.
  • Removes scuffs and surface scratches.
  • Refreshes your floor to look new or newish.
  • Costs less than hardwood floor refinishing and extends the time between floor refinishing.
  • Adds durability.

How Often Should I Get My Hardwood Floors Professionally Cleaned?

We recommend getting a buff and coat every 2-3 years. Putting down a new protective layer of finish before the old layer of finish starts to wear away is what extends the life of your floor.

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