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Hardwood Floor Installation


A hardwood floor is a fantastic addition to any property. Hardwood floors that are installed by our team of skilled flooring contractors are strong and durable. This means that they will last for a very long time. Depending on your wood selection and finish, your floors can stand up to heavy foot traffic, dogs, and time.

Hardwood floors are very easy to clean and maintain. They don’t trap a lot of dust or dirt. So a weekly vacuum or sweep, and a quick mop is all you need to keep your floors clean on a weekly basis. 

Wood floors can help improve the air quality in your home. Which can be very important for those with allergies.

Hardwood floors are also very aesthetically pleasing. They give your home warmth and beauty. They also increase in property value.

To talk to us about hardwood floor installation, or get a quote for your project, reach out to us by phone at 843-630-6723 or via contact us via our “Instant Quote” form.

Charleston History of Wood Floors

All around our city are older homes and buildings that have magnificent hardwood floors. For example. In the French Quarter, the Circular Congressional Church, built in the 1890’s, and the Gothic Revival French Huguenot Church have amazing hardwood floors. Wood flooring is part of the Charleston, SC interior architecture and design.

Improve Your Aesthetics

Your aesthetics are an essential part of your home and your flooring has a big influence on the visual appeal of your property. When it comes to aesthetics, there is no match for a hardwood floor. Hardwood floors will provide your property a warm and welcoming finish. This will not only make a great impression on guests and visitors but you can also attract potential buyers. This means that if you are ever going to sell, you will receive a better price for your property. Invest in a hardwood floor installation will improve your aesthetics.

Cheap and Easy Maintenance

After your new hardwood floor has been installed, it requires very little care or maintenance. Hardwood floors trap very little dust or dirt. You will need to keep your hardwood floor clean but this is a very easy and straightforward. A weekly vacuum or sweep and a weekly mop will keep your floors clean. Allergy sufferers benefit greatly from the minimal dust in the air.

You can keep your new floors looking tip top, by having a professional clean and recoat done every two years.

Improved Air Quality

One major benefit that hardwood floors have over alternates such as carpet is when it comes to air quality. Carpets and rugs can trap dust and dirt. This can lead to smells being trapped in your home. Dust and dirt also agitate allergies. When you chose to install new hardwood floors, you improve your air quality.

Long Lasting

Hardwood floors can be refinished. So your initial installation can last for years and years. With proper maintenance, there are hardwood floors in the Charleston area that have been around since 1890.

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