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Hardwood Floor Repair


We provide our customers with skilled hardwood floor contractors who specialize in hardwood floor repair.  Damage can be from wear spots, water damage, deep scratches and gouges, It can also result in floor squeaking. We provide a high quality repair service that will restore your hardwood floors. This will improve the aesthetics of your property as well as save you money on a new floor installation. Call us at 843-630-6723 to discuss the damage to your hardwood floors, or request hardwood floor repair quote.

How does Hardwood Floor Repair Work?

  • We replace damaged boards with new wood.
  • Stain them to match your current floor.
  • Refinish the entire floor with your choice of finish and sheen.

The floors become very closely matched, restoring the look of your home or office.

Charlestonians Keep Up With Floor Repairs

You may wonder how the beautiful buildings in the Ansonborough section of Charleston are able to maintain their floors. Buildings like the Kahal Kadosh Beth Elohim Synagogue on Hasell St (a beautiful Greek Revival building from 1840), stay on top of all hardwood floor repairs.

Environmentally Friendly

Hardwood floors are environmentally friendly. They are made of wood so they will decay when they are disposed of. Hardwood floors can also be recycled and used again for other purposes such as chipboard. When your hardwood floor has been damaged, a repair is an even more environmentally-friendly choice. This a because a repair will require very few new materials. This will percent more trees being cut down which has great environmental benefits. To ensure that your home is running as green as possible, ask about our low VOC finish options.

Save  Money on a Replacement

One of the many great advantages to having the damage to your hardwood floor repaired is that it is much less expensive that a new installation. Repairing damage to your hardwood floor will ensure that your floor lasts longer. Damaged floors can quickly become destroyed and unsalvageable. Promptly repairing damage will extend the life of your floors.

Restore the Aesthetics

A hardwood floor that has been damaged will lose its special visual appeal. A hardwood floor is a great way to provide your home with a warm and welcoming atmosphere. This can make your home more attractive to buyers which will lead to an increase in property value. To protect this increase in value and to make a great impression with guests and visitors, repair the damages to your hardwood floor. This will ensure that the floor will be looking good as new.

High Quality Finish

Our highly skilled and experienced flooring contractors have years of training and experience as well as all the tools and equipment needed to carry out a top quality repair to your hardwood floor. When you repair your hardwood floors, then refinish the floors to make everything match you can select the color and sheen of your choice.

Call 843-630-6723 to discuss your floor repair, or fill out our wood floor repair form.

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