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Hardwood Floor Restoration


One of the many Charleston focused services that we offer is our hardwood floor restoration service. This service is needed when you have an old hardwood floor that is in very poor condition. We will assess, repair and restore your hardwood floor to its original look. This will greatly enhance the aesthetics of the floor and allow you to keep the historic Charleston look and feel. If you have very old hardwood floors on your property, call us today at 843-630-6723 or fill out our hardwood floor restoration quote form.

A terrific example of hardwood floor restoration is the Nathaniel Russel House, on Meeting Street in Charleston. It has been restored to its 1808 appearance.

Restore the Original Look

A hardwood floor that has deteriorated significantly will look worn, dated and may possibly be damaged and in need of repair. While newer floors can easily be refinished, older flooring needs our detailed hardwood floor restoration service. We make sure your floor looks fantastic, removing grime, replacing boards if needed. Your floors could look the way they did a centry ago. This will lead to your property increasing in value.

Environmentally Friendly

In today’s day and age, we must make responsible choices when it comes to the environment. Hardwood floors are already an environmentally friendly choice for flooring. This is because they can be disposed of easily and they are recyclable. While this is true, it is the greener choice to have your damaged floor restored. This is because fewer materials will be needed and you will produce less waste.

We Know the History of Wood Floors and Finishes

Originally hardwood floor boards had various widths and were blind nailed to floor joists. Later, homes began to have subfloors on top of the floor joists and the wood floors were on top. Flooring finishes have ranged from waxed (with beeswax and linseed oil), synthetic resins, acrylics, vinyl acetate and polyurethane. It's important to have a flooring professional who understands the history of flooring restore your historic hardwood floors to their original beauty.

We Follow Hardwood Floor Restoration Best Practices

Some jobs are best left to the professionals and hardwood floor restoration is one of them. It is a complex task that may require chemical strippers, hand scraping or sanding. It will require a variety of materials and tools as well as a vast knowledge of techniques and methodologies. We will make this extremely difficult task easy for you.

Call 843-630-6723 to discuss your hardwood floor restoration, or fill out our hardwood floor restoration quote request.

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